Dads: The Awkward Years of the Golden Past.

12 Aug

It was an awkward era for the bread winners, the masters of their domain –the Dads. You  didn’t quite fit into the family the way Mom did. Moms were famous the world over for cuddling, coddling and occasionally lifting up the front end of a truck in an emergency.

Dads were pretty much delegated to grunting good-bye as they grabbed their lunch pail on the way to the salt mines.  Then grunting hello at the end of the day as they plopped down in the  Lazy Boy to read the late edition.

Sometimes they might play a little catch in the street until the Little Mrs. warned him not to make her an early widow.

And, of course, his yearly assignment as The Driver of Yearly Trips. Especially, the journey over hill and dale every Thanksgiving as the kids fired questions at him about the passing scenery.  The most frequent answers being “I don’t know” and “ask your mother”.

Very different from our current era where Dad is always ready to be a key family member. Unless he’s on his cell or texting or listening to his I-pod or Googling.

“Jesus, Jack be careful with that Wii!  I”m too young to be a widow.”


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