Before America Got Talent It Had Vaudeville.

16 Aug

Gwendlyn Hunt was furious that her partner, Joe was getting slightly better billing than she was. As they tangoed she plotted his demise.

Joe Marion had dashing matinee idol looks. His hair was smoothly greased and had a lovely lavender scent. He did not care much for women.  But a guy’s gotta eat so every night he smouldered across the footlights.

Eddie Polo was considered the star of the Universal Players.  I mean for cripe’s sake — Eddie Polo!?

Mabel wanted to be in vaudeville in the worst way but she foolishly spent her runaway money on an extravagant coat.

Ted was so inconsequential that when people took snapshots they often left him mostly out of the frame.


One Response to “Before America Got Talent It Had Vaudeville.”

  1. Jeff Goodvin August 16, 2011 at 7:58 PM #

    If you want to be a top banana, you gotta start at the bottom of the bunch.

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