What to Expect When Meeting the Hard Working American Tax Payer.

17 Aug

“Frank, Frank I never got a chance to tell you ’cause this is the first time I seen you eyeball to eyeball but congrats on being Governor.  Play your cards right and some day you could be a Senator or President or the King of England.”

Hey, I wantcha to know that I don’t hold it against you that you’re a rich, big muckety muck. Every body’s got their own problems.  Lotta poor guys might give you some guff but not yours truly.  The way I look at it, the Lord must love the poor he made so many of us.”

“Wait,  a second, Frank. Just one more thing.  My wife’s got this cousin from County Cork, you see. He took the big boat over and everything.  But he got himself  just the tiniest case of the TB. So, they made him go back to Ireland.  That don’t seem American.  So, how’s about puttin’ in a good word for the poor Mick?  You know after when he gets the boat fare rounded up again?” …

“Yeah, yeah, I see what you mean. Okay, then how about doing somethin’ about my job?  I sling hash at Doogie’s Hideaway. The chief honcho is a real pain in the you know where and…”

“Frank, Frank. … Ah, them big shots is all alike.”



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