What’s that Whirring Sound–Oh, It’s Your Mom and Dad.

22 Aug

“It is hard enough being a parent what with the diaper-changing and making sure they don’t run out into the street to get crushed by a truck.”

“I hear what you’re saying, Sid.  So, when you’re a concerned parent who is just trying to do their best for their child who needs all this mishagoss about being a helicopter parent?”

“Preachin’ to the choir, Cookie.”

“The papers, the tube, the internets (sic)-  it’s enough to make you nauseous.”

“These snarky writers with their vicious made-up pop psychology.”

“The attacks are pure ad hominem  or whatever the Greeks used to say.”

“Is it being a helicopter parent if you make sure that their  turkey sandwich with poppy seed bread and honey mustard has the crusts cut off?”

“That is what I would call caring.  Not overly caring or extraordinary effort. Parental love manifested, and that’s all.”

“So you drive them around.  It’s not like you do it every business trip. People get killed in plane crashes.  Why risk it?”

“You help with the down-payment on the house.  Maybe fill a couple of rooms with Ikea.  Big whoop!”

“Maybe you get the goods on the Bad Boss.  Make an anonymous phone call to the Board of Directors that the Bad Boss put his little chippy on his expense account and got her a company car.  Bye-bye, Mr. Bad Boss.  Since when is it a crime to want your  child to be a success?”

“Sid, here comes his car.  He’s back from the office.”

“Slump down, Cookie. You know how mad he gets if he thinks we’re interfering.”

“Us, helicopter parents? Ridiculous…Oh, for the love of Pete, he forgot to wear that scarf I knitted him.”


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