Why Having a Son is Better Than a Laker Three-peat.

23 Aug

When you have a son you live in the sun

… Shakespeare or Confucius?

No, just wise-cracking me. But heartfelt just the same. It’s a joy to have a son (lucky me, my cup runneth over with two phenomenal daughters, too).

In a relationship with other men you are always in competition. You fight for the girl. Or the right to be CEO. Or higher esteem. Or the ball. Rare is the friendship where you can share in each other’s triumphs or go out of your way to help a pal (maybe in the Midwest or Europe or some other fantasy places but not in California).

With other men, when they gain you lose. They lose and you start worrying about losing something yourself. But with a son, the higher he goes the better. You can point to that escaped helium balloon in the sky and think that’s my boy.

You don’t have to say a thing. Other guys pat you on the back whether he’s wailing on the shofar or getting an audience to sing-a-long with a jingle he made up ten seconds ago.

You get to relive parts of your life with his victories.  And experience some you never had. Of course you also feel the slings and arrows when the bastards try to get him down.  But as Pee-Wee used to say on Broadway, “it’s all good.”

He’s named after my father.  That’s one of the best ideas I ever had.


One Response to “Why Having a Son is Better Than a Laker Three-peat.”

  1. Liza February 6, 2012 at 8:18 PM #

    Well said, Mr. Steinkellner. From a my point of view, my son is my male extension. We are so close and I hope will remain so even after he’s found his mate.

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