The Never Dull Enough Life of Bill Steinkellner: Episode 58 – The Emergency Room

29 Aug

The first time I  went to the E.R. I was hit by a car (that never stopped)  crossing Melrose Ave going to the Groundling Theater. I learned that they take the worst cases first.  This makes sense but it really means that you are stuck behind a thin curtain listening to some stranger moan about his gunshot wound all night long.

Went for stitches when I caught an elbow while positioning myself for a rebound.  I got cut below the eyebrow so I’m lucky it wasn’t sight threatening.

Found out I had a broken wrist (hoops related, again) that I had  thought was just a bad sprain.  The ER doc rushed around and nearly slipped and broke something himself. Good thing he caught himself.  I could have been forgotten there forever.

Ended up there on New Year’s Day when our cat, Mo launched himself off the back of my hand when I tried to move him.  I couldn’t stop the bleeding. I was in the middle of moving him off the dining room table so I could work on my jig-saw puzzle so it makes a good story.

A guy I was guarding (basketball, naturally) picked up his head really fast and accidentally head butted me.  They decided not to put stitches in so I ended up going back (twice) to get it cauterized because the weird granular lip tissue grew through the wound.  I can still feel the scar tissue inside my lip with my tongue.

Went to one in Solvang because my toe hurt so bad that I thought it might be infected.  Nope, my shoes were just too tight. Prescription: sandals.


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