The Good-bye Scene Before The Rewrite Filled It with a Bunch of Idealistic B-movie Dialog.

30 Aug

Note: This photo would also be an excellent page in that classic movie stills book — “Who Farted?”.

“So long, Johnny. Thanks for knocking over that gas station so my Ma could get that operation.  But you should have asked first. I could have borrowed the dough from my credit union.”

“Listen, Johnny I know you want me to wait for you but let’s face it you’re looking at fifty large to life.  And that’s with time off for good behavior.  We both know what a hot head you are.  You’re taking the ten count for certain sure.”

“Even if you got out early it’s not like you got some high paying job waiting for you. Sure, I love you now, Johnny but I bet by Christmas I’ll hardly even think about you.  Okay, I wasn’t going to tell you this but I got a date tonight.  Sorry.  Oh, I’ve decided I am going to testify against you.  Damn it, just blame it on my dumb old Catholic school training… Sure, I’m going to kiss you… wait, scratch that I remember I just reapplied my lipstick.”


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