The Game of Basketball When There Were No Multi-year Contracts or Slam Dunks.

31 Aug

Our 1913 basketball squad:

Winslow Cooper had a swell two-handed set shot. Unfortunately, he telegraphed it by grimacing slightly which allowed his defender to smash the ball back into his face which caused an even more profound grimace.

Mike “Cheetah” Andrews was only a marginally good player but oh my, the girls were sweet on him.

Belden Lowery the Third owed his spot on the team to the good graces (he bought the uniforms) of Belden Lowery Jr.

Casey Michalski was too dreamy as a rule but if the opposing players made even the mildest comment about his mother  he could literally rip the ball away from a circus strongman.

Svee Svenningson was kind, honest, hard working and generous to a fault.  He was, of course, despised by the rest of team.

Palmer Posivak was the Sixth Man before that concept had been invented.  At the time it was known as the guy who got in “if somebody broke their leg”.  His favorite part of basketball was snapping towels in the locker room.


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