Bill Steinkellner’s Tweets from an Arizona Vacation (if they’d had Twitter back then and he ever learned to work his Droid)

2 Sep

I watch a bunch of  kids shoot hoops in the pool.

I get splashed.

I go back to my slightly damp paperback that is the basis for a Paul Haggis movie (Paul and I were writing partners for a year at the tail end of the 70s.  As I recall, we earned within the shouting distance of zip-zero-nada. He is now a Hollywood powerhouse. Who’da thunk it?).

I watch fat guys take off shirts that are best left emphatically on.

An older kid belly flops while attempting a slam dunk.

Emma and Cheri float by on the Lazy River after spending a long time stuck behind abandoned inner tubes.

A swarthy, unsmiling worker lugs the heavy base to a poolside umbrella.

I order breakfast.

I order an extra hot dog by mistake.

I eat the mistake.

I also eat a veggie plate (who am I fooling?  You have to eat the veggie plate instead of, not in addition to.  Fooling myself is one of my great strengths).

Emma gets in line for the Big Slide.

The girl in front of her lets her friend line-cut in front of her (weirdly, a few years later I found myself on a jury where the defendant started a violent fight that started from an incident of attempted line-cutting).

I take a perfectly timed photo of Emma plunging from the slide into the pool.

We drive five miles back from this resort to our real hotel.


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