Kafka: The Junior High Years (And what could be more Kafkaesque?)

8 Sep

Franz Kafka died over eighty years ago but few of his contemporaries work seems as modern as his.  Not that that’s a good sign for us.

Young Kafka: The Cable Series –Episode 12 — Choosing Up Sides.


“I’ll take, Prothero.”

“Okay, I’ll take, McLafferty.”

“Then, I’ll take Gunther.”

“Great, I’ll take Halverson.”

“I already took Halverson for my third pick, moron. Did you think Halverson was still left?  He’s good!”

“But that means…”


“Shit, no!”

“Shit, yes!”

“No fair. We had him last time and we got creamed.”

“Big whoop.  We had him time before that and we almost won. Somebody has to take him, so just knock it off with your crab-apple sauce.”

“Aw,Christonnacandlestick! We’re going to get slaughtered.  Bookedy-bookhead Kafka. What’s the point of playin’?  It’s not even going to be a game.”

“Kwitcherbitchin’, Parsons. Play ball.”

“Okay, but we got first ups.”

“We get the first close call.”

“Deal. Everybody grab a bat and get ready.  … Yeah, you can read until then, Franz.  We’ll let you know when you’re up.  And jimineyshit, at least keep your eyes open up there.”

“Okay.  But you know when it became clear in my organism that writing was the most productive direction for my being to take, everything rushed int that direction and left empty all those abilities which were directed toward the joys of sex, eating, drinking, philosophical reflection and above all music…”

“Boy, Kafka, you are such a cockroach.”




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