Interview with a 100 Year Old Comedy Writer.

13 Sep

“Exec Producer of the hit comedy Gotta Gee, Gotta Guy, Gotta Go? Yes, guilty as charged. But mostly I was just a comedy writer who got lucky.  That was a long time ago. Sometimes I can get a chuckle even here but at my age who wants to bust a gut trying to make some minimum wage slacker chortle? ”

“In the old days I was what you call the comedy engine of the show because  I could rock that room with funny.  And funny since the days of the court jester is money. My writers knew funny.  Now?  Eccch.  All the yuk meisters are ivy league pishers with law degrees.  Lawyers.  Now, there’s a funny group.”

“The first time?  Not so much. I had the mojo but not the goods.  All hat and no cattle. I stood up and delivered my zinger like cupid shooting his arrow.  Nothing.  Zero times zero. A roomful of crickets. Mercifully, one of the Shtarkers, who had been a pup on that 1958 Bette White Show, took me aside when the deli arrived. He told me to never stand up to pitch a joke. Just toss it out there kind of quiet.  If it’s funny it will make plenty of noise.”

“As my career went on my signature move was to pitch a joke just as I was leaving the room to go to the ladies. When the joke landed I could hear the room behind me explode with laughter.  A comedy grenade. That was sweet.  Now, psshhht– go. I’m done.  I have to watch the Cheers, I tivoed.  It’s the one with the squeaky shoes.”


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