Do Hippos Dream of Electric Sheep?

14 Sep

I’m at the bottom of my pool. I’ve eaten already and I don’t have any particular place to go.  Bubbles rise from my nostrils.  Some go right to the surface. But most start doing the cha-cha-cha.  I motion for them to rise to the surface like usual. But they make gestures that say –you don’t have any jurisdiction over us, Fat Boy!  

I blush. I’m afraid that if the hyenas see this they will make me the laughing stock of  the zoo. The bubbles change into little President Buchanans.  I think if that I don’t stop this, somehow I will lose wallowing privileges.

Jules Verne comes by in a submarine. I feel terrible because my sink is full of dirty dishes and my skin is a mess. He is very considerate and it makes me think that he may be  part hippo.  

Part of the Universe goes super nova but I miss it because I am still so hung up on those bubbles that are now wearing Dick Chaney glasses. I surface and I fly away.



One Response to “Do Hippos Dream of Electric Sheep?”

  1. Darla January 5, 2012 at 7:34 PM #

    Wow, I can’t tell if this is more DaDa or more Steampunk!!! Cool!

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