Where Bill Steinkellner Came In From the Cold Until 1974

15 Sep

Until I was six I lived on Hudson Ave. right across from the huge St. Michael’s Church. We lived on the second floor.  During a thunderstorm being on my back porch was more fun than most amusement parks.

The summer after I was seven we moved to 4450 Western Ave. It was a stone’s throw from the Queen of Angels school yard. When school let out my Aunt Katherine would yell at me  from our back porch. The louder she yelled the more I pretended not to see her.

We moved to Campbell Ave several years later.  When my mother died the whole family scattered to the four winds.  As if we were the ones who dropped the tablets containing the ten commandments.

In Junior College I lived with my sister, Mary and her husband and kids on Grove Ave. It was next to a school which always makes me happy.  There is no sound more full of life than a school yard at full roar.

I lived in Oak Park with my brother, John and his wife, Sue.  I was between jobs and just about anything else you could think of at the time.  It was a lovely house surrounded by trees.  The light made the best early morning shadows.

I rented my first apartment with my best friend.  He paid half the rent but never moved in.  My next roommate was looney without any help from the moon.

I shared a place on Byron Ave with a good friend of mine.  One night I went berzerk when I saw a cockroach.  Not because I had never seen one before but because I had seen so many.  And that wasn’t even the worst night we had there.

Now, I live in Santa Barbara.  Life is good.


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