Untold Tales of the Civil War: The Dawdler

16 Sep

Private Willoughby Ephraim Rucker III (Called Will by his family, Willie by his friends, and Will the Third by his financee, Miss Constance Amelia Henning) had overslept. This is quite possibly due to over-imbibing of the home-made punch at the Send Off party.

When his eyes fluttered open he couldn’t very well head off to a grand conflict to quell the Rebellion on an empty stomach.  So, he stayed just long enough for a breakfast of eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, trout, muffins, toast and little chocolates in the shape of crossed swords.

His mother had gotten up before dawn to make this mighty meal.  (She hadn’t had a chance the day before what with her knitting and reading of the Bible.)  It was a Herculean chore but she insisted on doing her darndest for her dearly-beloved-and-missed-already-before-he-had-even-left, only boy.

Even so Willoughby III should have arrived at the gathering/marching away area in plenty of time.  But Will had always been a dawdler.  So, he completely missed the Battle of Bull Run which killed thousands of other, more punctual, soldiers.

Will watched a hummingbird zip all over here and yonder.  He sure wished that God had made him lucky like that.


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