The Eternal Scourge of Brilliant Women Everywhere.

20 Sep

I’ve been seeing a lot of spiders lately. Maybe, because the ants have been swarming.  But it can’t be that spiders don’t  like to mess with ants. The spiders are worried that the solo ant is one of those scouts they send out before the shock troops arrive.  If Mr. Spider attacks  the little scout will send out a super secret ant down smell.  In a flash the spider will have the whole colony down on her neck. (Or whatever spiders have instead of necks.) Because as we all know ants stick together more than the Irish.

The best thing about spiders, other than turning really smart women into gibbering idiots whenever they show up, are their webs.  Precision, grace and strength.  The whole nine yards. Like snowflakes. It’s even possible that no two webs are alike but who would know?  Compared to snow, our eight legged buddies have terrible media reps.

For a structure made of a substance that shoots out of their butts webs are most impressive.  Usually, spiders seem to situate them in seldom traveled places, so barring a big windstorm, they’ve got a nice little net bringing in a steady supply of flies. Several times I’ve seen webs in spots where they have to put it up at night and then rebuild it the next day. Is that tiring?  Is it dumb? Does it get frustrating and do they ever learn by trial and error?

The other day I saw a web  that had to be anchored more than five yards away, from where it was built, on the other side of the drive way.  How did she do that?  And why? Next  time you see a spider would you ask her for me?



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