Lemonade AKA The Blue Bonnet Cabins Massacree

21 Sep

“Sheriff, this is Deke down at the Blue Bonnet Cabins.  A few more buckets of blood, I’m afeared.  … Yeah, I know you’re ’bout sick to death of it but it ain’t my fault.  I ain’t the one who’s  hauntin’ this dern establishment.  Can’t shut it down, the unemployment numbers are bad enough as it is.”

“So, this time it’s a family from Carpinteria… I never heard of it neither.  Ma and Pa and two pubescent boys.  As soon as pulled up I warned them folks ’bout the half dozen families that had met their untimely demise in this godforsaken hell hole.  But they just laughed like all them other po0r souls. They thought that postcard was just a big joke instead of an official warning via the County.”

“The Pa went first.  Weak ticker that wasn’t up to blood pourin’ from a shower head.  The wife ran off naked and crazy into the woods.  She was screaming about something headless in the swimmin’ pool.  The older boy’s hair turned completely white.  Exact cause remains unknown.  That boy is as silent and umovin’ as the Sphinx. … ”

“Oh, the  little brother’s okay..  As a matter of fact, I just offered him the assistant night clerk’s job… Yeah, well, you know, lemonade.”


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