One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure Isle: A Salute to the Network Promo Postcard

22 Sep

Have you ever thought about all the “little people” behind a promotional postcard like this one for Treasure Isle. (Not to be confused with the similarly named classic by Robert Louis Stevenson — which by the calendar on the wall should be remade any time now.)

I’m giving most of the credit to the guy/girl who wrote all the details on the back of this card.  (Yes, boys and girls as much of a writer as Steinbeck or J.K Rowling and these days would be happy to have the work.)  He lets us know that the show originates at the  mini-mall sounding “Famous Collannades, Beach Hotel in Palm Beach Shores”. The postcard writer is wrong, here.  A show always originates in the brain of the creator, but come on, the guy has to think of stuff to write on the back of this cheesy picture.

Then you’ve got all the union workers who schlepped those treasure boxes out to the beach and whatever extra fake sand they needed to fill out the look. (You always need more sand because nature is stingier in this regard than you’d think.)  And the producer, director and make-up people buzzing around like dragon flies in heat.  Plus,  Gordon Schick, the photographer. Maybe somebody from Dexter Press of West Nyack or Larry Witt from Color International.  (Their reputations are at stake with this little card.)

So, with all those entities wouldn’t you think that one of them could have gotten the Host of Treasure Isle, John Bartholomew Tucker to smile?  Maybe he’s too worried about later in the day when “contestants race across an azure lagoon to dig for fabulous prizes”.



One Response to “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure Isle: A Salute to the Network Promo Postcard”

  1. Joanne Varallo (Doyle) September 22, 2011 at 12:58 PM #

    Dragon flies in heat……now THERE’s an image I could do without!

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