“He’s Good Bad, but He’s Not Evil.”

23 Sep

“Oh, no there’s no such thing as a bad boy. I’ve seen young lads in all kinds of trouble over the years but that doesn’t mean that deep down inside when you cut away the nitty gritty you could call them bad. Sure, some have streaks of … well,  being very naughty. Falling in with a bad crowd and that sort of thing.”

“Like those boys who stole my fatherly garb one day, shortly before I was to meet the Arch Bishop, and left me nothing but the Satan costume that I has worn as joke last Halloween could certainly be called mischievous. Those miscreants who used fire hoses to break up our parade for the visiting Pontiff were surely on the wild side.”

“And as for those hooligans who thought it was funny to burn down the orphan’s recreation room they most likely have gangsta connections.  Those thugs have an excellent chance of visiting Hades one day.  But truly bad boys?  No, no such thing.”


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