The Women of France: Network Notes Part One

26 Sep


I am in the screening room breathing shallowly.  (Don’t tell my trainer, he’d kill me.)  And why?  Because I was watching your pilot of The Women of France. Cowabunga! It was edge of your seat edgy plus funny plus jam packed with heart.  This puppy is going to run longer than 60 Minutes, mi amigos.

Like I said it’s bright, witty and full of all that historicity that my old grad school profs slop up like pigs.  Our one quibble is the actor playing the Cobbler.  I know he’s got Tony’s up the wazoo but he’s in the toilet with the under 18 demo.  Contempo kids like sullen pasty faced dudes.  The younger the better. This guy probably came out of the womb looking like Godzilla’s ugly brother.

And Christ-onna-cracker does he have to be powering so much of the plot? He finds the young king.  He goes undercover.  He makes shoes with secret codes in them. Jesus, I’m surprised he wasn’t the guy in the cloak who went to bed with Marie Antoinette in the teaser.

If I were you I’d be looking for an exit strategy with this guy, pronto.  How’s this? He’s guillotined by accident and his son seeks revenge and handles all the necessary plot points?  We’ve got James Franco’s cousin under contract.  Jus’ sayin’ is all.  Other than that just keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

— Wes Baudelaire

PS –My Shelby has to do an interview for a history paper.  Could she skype you?  Thanks



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