Women of France: Network Notes Part 2

27 Sep


Here’s today’s headline — Where the hell are all the women?  The name of the show is The Women of France, right?  Or am I still meshugge from that watermelon diet?

The folks tuning in, especially the women, are expecting to see some women characters.  Now, granted you’ve got some young boys who dress more girly than any of the girls in my old neighborhood, but that doesn’t fill the bill, demographically speaking.

I have mentioned several thousand times that women make up our most highly prized demo, haven’t I? The demo that keeps bread on our tables and beemers in our parking spaces!

Marie Antoinette is a no-brainer but we need more than that. She’s a first class jerk and American women are going to hate her.  She is no role model. Though, for the record, she is a quite a hottie and with her personality could run any network in town.  Did Antoinette have a mother?  Google it and get back to me. Glenn Close would be perfect.

That’s it. Go make.  I got to take a pitch about five gorgeous, just turned eighteen, orphans who have to live together.  So far it’s called Five Broke Girls. So, get me half a dozen more likeable women and I swear we’ll run longer than The Simpsons.

Wes Baudelaire

PS– My wife, Skipper wants to come to a filming.  And she’d love a walk-on but that would be too much, right? In her defense she is a woman.  So, just do whatever you think best.


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