The Mighty, Mighty Explorers: The Greatest Serial of All Time

29 Sep

Thought gone forever except in the fading memories of film historians/archivists this fragment (unearthed by a small rogue  oil company that was drilling in the Alaskan tundra)  this shred is all that remains of the legendary serial, “The Mighty, Mighty Explorers”.  


“It’s time for the adventure serial that keeps even the Queen on the edge of her seat — The Mighty, Mighty Explorers!


“You’ll recall in our last episode, “The Shadow of Satan” how George returned from a brush with death in the Great Pyramid of King Khafu. Barely recovered from this nearly fatal mishap he is greeted by the shocking news that his ever devoted valet, Chalmers had been crushed by some mysterious force.”

“Somehow George’s brave absence has allowed a poison pill of doubt to he planted among his stalwart comrades. Murmurs that George might be a secret coward are heard throughout the camp site.”

“This vicious rumor was put forth most determinedly by MacKenzie, George’s cousin, by marriage.” George had to be restrained from shoving this filthy unbearable lie back down MacKenzie’s throat.”

“Richard and Dr. Adamson struggled to take the gun from his hand. In the manly wrestling George’s pistol is set off by accident.  The good doctor is nicked on the chin by the bullet.  Chaos ensued.”

“And now for tonight’s mighty episode of exploration –MUSICAL STING — ‘The Curse of the Pharaoh’s Daughter’.”

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