Greetings From Bill: The Time Travel Episode

30 Sep

This card is the cover of Volume One of the original Greetings from Bill Steinkellner.  It is one of two home-made books of postcard stories that Cheri put together for me in the early ’80’s. There are probably less than fifty copies in existence. If you own one for crying out loud put it on E-bay, immediately.  The following story is new.

“Hey, hi it’s Bill Steinkellner, and I’ve become unstuck in time. Yeah, I know that phrase belongs to Vonnegut but when you steal from a legend it’s an homage. Here I am with dark hair.  Eventually, I will lose all the pigment in my hair giving me a sort of an aging Draco Malfoy look. It doesn’t bother me and seems to give people a comfortable better-him-than-me when they meet me.”

“At this point in time, that I have become unstuck in, I often hiccup whenever I enter our apartment.I have Buddy, the greatest dog in the world.  I am a very good improv teacher, though sometimes I have to let people in one of my two classes go to both for the same tuition.  So, in effect I have one and a half paying classes.  Somehow, it’s enough to get by.”

“I’m not becoming a successful Hollywood writer a fast as I had hoped.  This doesn’t do a lot to establish me as a genius.  This is something that I can’t say out loud but it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe it with all my heart. At this point I don’t realize how stupid the idea of making it in show business is or I’d turn around and go back to Chicago.”

“If I was as big as I appear on the front of this card I would be 500 miles tall which would make me the largest land animal on earth.”



One Response to “Greetings From Bill: The Time Travel Episode”

  1. Sioux September 30, 2011 at 5:32 PM #

    You are as tall on that cover to us Kudos to you for having the courage to “Go West Young Man” What a loss if there were no Team Steinkellner–five great people.
    e-bay will not be getting our two volumes!!! 🙂 John & Sioux

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