The Other Circus at Night

5 Oct

The Tattooed Man is positive that there is a tribute to Halley’s Comet somewhere on his person but can’t remember where. He searches frantically. Finally, using a mirror he spots it on the back of his neck shooting towards his left ear. Reassured he drifts off to a dreamless sleep.

The Man With a Baby in His Middle spends a miserable sleepless night since his body buddy is suffering with colic and has started teething.

The Lamp Man falls asleep with the lamp he has balanced still aglow. He nearly burns down the circus. Luckily, The Expansionist comes to the rescue with one formidable puff.

The Skeleton Gentleman would love to snack on five or six more sesame seeds but with a burst of will power manages to push himself away from the table.

The Armless Wonder practices writing his full name over and over again. The circus owner has told him that it is easier for hooligans to engage in identity theft if you have a lazy scribbled signature. He does this until his toes are exhausted. Then he retires for the night.

Just before her head hits the pillow The Shooterist sits bolt upright. A wave of panic convinces her that she couldn’t shoot the broadside of a barn. She gets up and fires a dozen shots out the window with her loudest rifle. Each shot is a bulls-eye. The rest of the troupe is up for hours.

Mr. Flexo-Flesh can’t find his night cap and his head feels drafty. Then he sees it poking out of the folds of his neck. Whew!

Der Albino spent too much time staring into the refrigerator contemplating a nosh. The little light bulb turns his face so beige his girlfriend, Delphi barely recognizes him.


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