The Other Circus in the Morning

7 Oct

The No-armed Japanese Girl carefully whips up scrambled eggs with a fork in one foot and a holds the bowl with her other foot. She sings a lovely song from Tokio in a bit of seasoning but God knows how.

The Bearded Lady looks at her reflection in the mirror and screams in horror. She’s found her first gray hair.

The Human Calculator is figuring out how much social security tax he should take out of everyone’s pay. As near as he can tell they are all going to have a crummy retirment.

Tatooed Venus is overjoyed. While doing her morning yoga she found a vacant spot on her left hip. She decides on WWJD in Gothic lettering.

Hardhead is furious with his partner. He has awakened with a migraine because his stupid sleepwalking brother has hit him on the head without the rock protector.

Delphi is still dreaming of being a beautiful opera singer.

The Most Lovely Woman in Japan writes a letter to her fiancee who is a cook on a railroad crew.

The Little Lady practices line dancing.

The Puddle Man yawns, stretches and rises from his bucket to greet the day.

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