Who in the World is Mr. X?: A Story That Only Makes Comedy Writers Laugh

14 Oct

“So, even after the reams of evidence that we’ve compiled against you, you still claim that your name is Mr. X?

“Oh, most assuredly but it is not pronounced like the alphabet letter as you have just done. It is pronounced –Flammerjammermakayasequoialadybirdboogen–.”

“Oh, come off it, it is not. You are making a mockery of our legal institution.”

“You’re right. My bad. It’s pronounced Douchebag-meta-free.”

“This is an outrage. If you don’t cut it out I’ll have you bound and gagged.”

“Sorry, sorry I swear on my grandmother’s eyes that it’s –Mr. I’m a moron and this man is totally innocent.”

“That’s more like it, Mr. I’m a total moron… oh, fiddlesticks– take him away!”

“Hey, that’s my nickname!”


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