The Guy Who Could Run Rings Around the Whole CSI Crowd.

18 Oct

They flew me in from Chi-Town because I was the best. I always nail bad guy. Once it took me six plus years and five resolings of my favorite wing-tips but I got ’em. Not entirely my fault though, since the perp was the sittin’ President of these United States and there was a ton of Constitutional type questions involved. But that case was going to be a piece of cake next to this doozy.

From the chopper the majesty and power of the self-proclaimed Greatest Burg on Earth was so overwhelming that it seemed impossible that one puny madman could have it shaking in its boots.
But it was.

Detective Pastor filled me in on the latest grisly details and then got a squawk about a shipment of I-Phone 5s being hi-jacked. So, Martin had to book it out of there pronto. Not even enough time to finish his cheesecake … or pay his half of the check. In this business you get used to that.

I slugged down the last splash of java and headed out into the mean streets. What else could I do?
I was the guy they were counting on. Some nut was using a Swiffer to somehow systematically bump off every citizen in the Big Apple. Half a million were already pushin’ up daisies and the rest weren’t feelin’ so hot, either.


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