Is This One of Those “Good” Jobs in the New World Economy?

19 Oct

“Balls and dolls. Balls and dolls. Knock a dolly over and get a piece of the American Dream. Marry the girl next door and raise three great kids all just five minutes from your up-scale fun job in the Greater Whatever-land area.”

“Bop the little doll on her keister and attain the reward of lifetime. Get a hot prestigious career in a highly respected industry making life better for all mankind. Never regret that you didn’t become a teacher or priest or some other admired but lousy paying job.”

“Come on give it a shot. Who wants a chance to be the next Steve Jobs? — What? Sorry, too soon.-
– Okay, Donald Trump with better hair?”

“Don’t be a wuss. Where’s your cojones? Can’t be too hard to hit the ol’ bull’s-eye. Did I mention that the winner gets a happy go lucky, whistle while you work, no worries, mate life-style where the home team always wins. True, dat.”

Step right, up. Who wants to be the new Sandy Koufax?
Balls and dolls. Balls and dolls.”


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