Turn Back the Clock or A Short History of Bill Steinkellner’s Muse.

20 Oct

Note: The “you” in this story is Cheri. In the first two situations she is C. Eichen and C. Steinkellner in the last two. Without her Greetingsfrombill would have no muse.

You’ve just joined the Groundling Workshop. You think the people are nice and funny. A guy with salt and pepper hair that you barely know tells you that he is infatuated with you. As if a stranger’s car just crashed into your basement apartment. Totally not your fault but somehow you have to deal with it.

You’re sitting in a bungalow apartment trying to decide if you are going to move in with a guy for the first time. You are twenty-two. (If your mother finds out she is going to be really pissed.) The shadows of Hollywood grow long outside the bungalow. You sit and think and think and think.

They tell you that you are finally in labor. You have waited at the edge of your seat for weeks. You push and push. Nada. The doctor announces a switch to a Caesarian birth. He does it by saying this — “Let’s have a baby!” They roll you down a long hall to the O.R. The energy in the room is crackling as if the Beatles are about to jump through the curtains.

It’s the last category of the Emmy Awards and then you can go to that party and congratulate Woody, on his best supporting actor Emmy. Uncle Miltie is forming his voluptuous lips around a word that starts with a “Ch” and ends in an “eers”.


One Response to “Turn Back the Clock or A Short History of Bill Steinkellner’s Muse.”

  1. Sioux October 20, 2011 at 10:07 PM #

    Loved this—what more is there to say, except that you & your beautiful Muse produced three magical people. :).

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