If Gary Baseman Isn’t Nearby With a Sharpie This Dude Is Also Extraordinary.

24 Oct

Note: This story also appears in Bill Steinkellner’s Postcards from the Moon — available on Amazon for Christmas gifts and the inflating of Mr. Steinkellner’s ego.

The Ben Corday Genuine, 100% Guaranteed Pledge–

We promise that at Ben Corday’s Tattoo Parlor you will receive only the best in epidermal etchings. Our drawing tools are fashioned from Swiss steel and are checked constantly for their world class precision and prophlylacticity.

The transfer pigments have been gathered from the four corners of the earth. They have never been equalled in their authenticity to nature, clarity and endurance. The results are money-back guaranteed for the lifetime of the art bearer.

All work will be performed by The Maestro of Tattoo, Ben Corday, himself or should he be off on an inspection tour of one of his world-wide parlors, the work will be etched by an artist originally trained by The Maestro of Tattoo. The design will, of course, be a Corday Original.

Contrary to a vicious rumor no one has ever turned violet and died from blood poisoning due to a Ben Corday needle.

Visit our parlor and — “Your skin will look beautiful, forever”.


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