Helpful Notes From The Network

25 Oct

“As you’ve probably heard I’m the most cutting edge exec we’ve got here at the Rock. So, this is totally uncool but I’m sticking my heart on my sleeve today, boys. I love you guys! I bow to your mega-uber talents. I kiss your creative tushies. If they put an infinite amount of development people in a room with an infinite amount of MacBook Pros they would never have come up with this story. Bravo!”

“You took a boring ass story where Dusty stays home with the fake measles… wait Dusty is the dog and Dave is the human, right? … I’m telling you, you gotta give one of ’em a name that doesn’t start with D. Audiences get confused easily. Ask the guys who did that Playboy thingamajiggie… What was my point? Oh, yeah you took a moth ball smelling story and made it into a brilliant parody of The Secret of the Buried Treasure.”

“It’s the shit, man. It works on a kid’s level. It works on an adult level. It works like gangbusters in every demo. Bar none. … Unfortunately, Legal says that the Buried Treasure people have a rep for suing at the drop of a hat. So, no go. Legal is so scared they aren’t even going to ask.”

So, what do you say, big pot o’ coffee, back to the old drawing board? Good luck! If you want to bounce any ideas off me just have Ginger track me down at Bryant Park. Fashion Week, you know? Ciao!”


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