Why I Like This Postcard

28 Oct

I buy postcards for the blog (and when there was an audience of one) for personal reasons. The best have a story that jumps right out at you from the picture. Or it seems to strike a chord in my life. Moving into a new house. Or having a baby crawl his way into your life.

Some cards give up their ideas right away. Others lie around in a pile or drawer for months or years.

Photos of people seem especially evocative, especially when people look rather odd so that the story starts quickly without a lot of explanation. A fast start, a few good jokes and a solid punchline. Is that too much to ask from a picture of people who were roaming the earth eighty to a hundred years ago?

The reason I like this card is that this guy looks like the ultimate American tourist somewhere in the distant past. But it could also be yesterday. His clothes seem fashionable (for the time) but also frumpy making him look like a hastily wrapped package.

The thing that I like best about the card is that it has a kind of scalloped edge.
Don’t know why but somehow that just breaks my heart.


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