Bill Steinkellner’s Fairyland

1 Nov

This is my Business Fairy. She is in charge of my Fairy Dust. She takes care of all the things I own or used to own or want to own. Also, if I give things to people, even if I don’t want them back, she guards the possibility of me ever getting them back.

These are My Children Fairies who help with guess what? Yes, they take care of my children when I am off making more Fairy Dust.

This is the Garden Fairy. He makes my garden beautiful. He is very good at this. Just one tiny problem. He sometimes tries to charge more Fairy Dust than he is supposed to. If he was as good as the Business Fairy he might pull it off but really he should just work in the garden.

This is the Musical Fairy who teaches the children how to fly with their magical musical wings. They would rather laugh and play than practice. But you have to learn to use your magical musical wings when you are young. So, it’s now or never.

And then there’s the Pool Fairy, the Decorating Fairy, the Repaving the Driveway Fairy, and the Roofing Fairy. Oh, gotta run, the Hooking Up to the Sewer Fairy is here.


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