Not a Wild Cat

2 Nov

He was not a wild cat, though I imagine that in his own mind he thought he could give that wussy movie cat, the MGM lion a run for his money.

He liked to lay quietly in the sun. He even followed it from room to room if necessary but he much preferred to be carried, though he couldn’t remember the last time anyone offered that luxury.

He liked juicy chunks over dry chunks but he would but he would reluctantly eat the dry rather than starve over a stupid culinary preference.

He was a sucker for a certain home-made afghan. He would cuddle and purr to the point of drooling if you put it in your lap to watch tv. He knew it gave cats a bad rap but he just couldn’t help himself.

He loved to be in the house and only went out by mistake. So, you couldn’t say he was a wild cat. He just wasn’t.

One Response to “Not a Wild Cat”

  1. Sioux November 2, 2011 at 4:13 PM #

    Really loved this—I wish we still had cats. Love, Sioux

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