The Mystery Behind the Inability to Lose Unwanted Pounds

4 Nov

Lotte had a devil of a time losing weight. She carefully watched each calorie that she consumed like one of those guys in a factory who watches cans go by and pulls off the dented ones. Every morsel that went into her mouth could have had an “inspected by” tag on it for all the scrutiny that proceeded its passage from the outer world into the interior of Lotte.

She had gone on vegetable diets, all protein, low carb, juice only, binge and purge and every other formulae for sure fire weight loss.

She had even had her jaws wired shut. When she smiled it looked like she had partially swallowed a catcher’s mitt. This procedure certainly made her hungry enough to try eating one.

But all for nought. In despair she gave up. From then on they just ate and ate. Getting bigger with each passing day. Verging on being able to be in the Macy’s Turkey Day Parade.

One night a sound woke her up. That’s when she saw, at her ankles, buttocks and waist, little Weight Fairies brushing her with calories. In a rage she chased the Weight Fairies around the house and out the front door. Much like the Big Bad Wolf they were never seen again.

It worked. Lotte is now down to a very svelte two hundred and seventeen.


2 Responses to “The Mystery Behind the Inability to Lose Unwanted Pounds”

  1. Jamie November 4, 2011 at 10:30 AM #

    IS THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??? Thanks for the insight. I’m gonna set a trap for those Weight Fairies.

  2. Sioux November 4, 2011 at 1:02 PM #

    Wonderful. Unfortunately I can totally relate—Now,if only I could catch them in the act.

    Love, Sioux

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