Word of Mouth circa 1941

7 Nov

Dear Mr. Buol,

We have just received a facsimile of the postcard (provided by us, free as well as the one cent postage) that you sent to the Marozzi family — Mr. and Mrs. and unnamed son. Your entire response in regards to our fine show, “Claudia” is that you found it “Swell!”.

We heartily agree with that exclamation point! It is the shouting to the rooftops way we feel about
“Claudia”. But we are a bit puzzled as to who we should give that “swell” to?

Should we give it to the producer, John Golden? Perhaps it will compensate him for the $1.57 that each empty seat pulls directly from his wallet. (He currently lives out of his car.)

Perhaps it should go to our playwright, Rose Franken, who jeopardized both health and marriage by burning the candle at both ends right through the holidays to finish the necessary rewrites?

Or maybe we could give your “swell” to our excellent cast, Phyllis, Reed and Beverly? (One of whom performs eight times per week with a massive migraine with barely an audible snivel.) Shall we split your “swell” An “S-W” for one performer and let the other two duke it out over the double “L”?

It’s possible that “swell” is the ultimate superlative to the Marozzi family. Maybe to them it’s a brass band with a circus parade. A shattering birth of the universe. Fireworks over a rainbow as you fall in love for the first time. Touching the face of God.

I can only hope the above is true and that I can convince everyone here who walks around semi-comatose since reading your response to the Marozzis. Again, thanks for the “swell”. It was… swell!

T. Ogden Stuckey, Production Manager


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