Bill Steinkellner’s Guide to the Inside of a Saint’s Mind.

9 Nov

I’m a saint–bidee bidee bop. I can’t throw a discus but my name is Franciscus.

I’m the goodest good guy in town. Got my halo glowing and I’m aknowing the way to God’s heart.

I’m doing good works and bringing the good word of the good Book every ol’ place I wander.

Lemma see, lemma see. Should I go with the fire-in-the-eyes, scare the pants off Satan look or the limpid pools of blue heavensward gaze?

Not sure but I do know this– I am good. Good, goody, good good.

Yabba, yabba I’m doing a good jobba. Prayin’ and savin’. Helpin’ da poor be not so poor.

Easin’ the miserosity of the miserable. Whole lotta those dudes. Like the old lady in the shoe ‘cept they got so many miseries they don’t know what to do.

Cure the sick. Body and soul. Tell a joke to the really sad. Lend an ear to the Great Unlistened to.
Talk with the lonely. Bonely, gonely, wonely.

Lift the weight from the shoulders of the burdened. Calm the pissed offers. Give hope to the No Hopes.

Wipe a tear, calm a fear, give a cheer. The Saint be here.

“Oh, when I go marching in…”


One Response to “Bill Steinkellner’s Guide to the Inside of a Saint’s Mind.”

  1. Sioux November 9, 2011 at 7:59 PM #

    This is the best “Saint Rap” ever—-now if you can get the footwork down, you’ll have a You Tube sensation on your hands! Love, Sioux

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