The Greatest Actor’s Farewell of All Time.

16 Nov

“I must leave the theater. I must go. I must go, now. I have, for as long as I can remember, basked in the glory of Thespis. I have performed with the newly born and the nearly dead. Why once I had a player die in my arms center stage and then moments later for real in the wings.”

“I have strutted my hours upon the stage accompanied by wild beasts. I have stood in the solo spot with the only sound being the soft beating of a rogue moth’s wings.”

“However, last night after portraying our Lord and Savior in the Passion Play, arguably the Penultimate Role — Hamlet being the greatest, I felt the howling winds of hell when Judas betrayed me. My perception was as if my soul was lost in the fathomless leagues of eternity. Insight poured into me like sunlight coming to the poor wretches who are rescued from a cave-in in a coal mine.”

“I knew that it was time to retire and emote no more. So, even though the Times called me– the greatest Jesus Christ since Edwin Booth– I must take my leave of you. Adieu. Adieu. And Adieu.”

Page 15 of this week’s variety: Charles Middleton Fontaine inked to triumphantly return as the father of the Big Bad Wolf on Grimm.


One Response to “The Greatest Actor’s Farewell of All Time.”

  1. Sioux November 17, 2011 at 8:53 AM #

    Once again–a fantastic “Greeting from Bill”. What a wordsmith you are. LOL, Sioux

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