The Unwelcome Suitor

18 Nov

“I’m sorry, Jean but Mimi just left. I think she said that um, the two of you may have made tentative, tentative, tentative plans…”

“Yessssss, I think she went out with her mother or sister of cousin or something like that. But to tell you the truth she had a frightful head-ache, so you’re probably lucky that you missed her. I mean if she is with somebody– like her mother or cousin or something, I feel sorry for them, ha-ha.”

“You are certainly dressed nicely tonight, Jean.” …

“The theater? Well, that would explain it.” …

“Well, perhaps you can sell the other ticket and enjoy the show by yourself? That’s the wonderful thing about a play. In essence it’s more of a solitary experience than say, cards or tennis. I think you can have just as much fun attending the theater alone which is what you’ll have to do because as you can see Mimi is out with um, relatives.”

“Jean, I don’t want to be the bad guy here but if you don’t leave immediately, I’m going to scream and then I’m calling 911.”


One Response to “The Unwelcome Suitor”

  1. Sioux November 23, 2011 at 7:01 PM #

    The perfect face for a luckless suitor. Your stories are wonderful How do you do it?
    LOL Sioux

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