The Biggest Chump in the World: Subject # 1

21 Nov

Leon was a chump. Here he was blowing hot notes into the cool night but why? To make himself feel better? Hardly. The notes crashed out of his sax. Then almost as quickly they rattled all over his head like a face full of scrap metal.

He could blow sound for as long as he could remember. Musicians are from another planet. (Don’t think so? Try asking them how the world works.) Their heads are in the clouds and their souls are circling Saturn. But their hearts are within easy reach. Just begging to be taken. Like a hot apple pie cooling on a window sill.

Her name was Francesca. She had been the shy school girl type. Leon felt as cool as Hugh Jackman when he was around her. It wasn’t until after she had stolen all his music and run away with his booking agent that the truth hit him. Only in his eyes was Francesca a shy school girl. Everyone else saw a thieving bleach blond floozy with a jones for Cristal and oysters on the half-shell. But then everyone else wasn’t a chump.


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