The Biggest Chump in the World: Subject # 2.

22 Nov

Hendrik had been played for a chump. He was a mug just like a thousand other mugs in the great Crate n’ Barrel of life. But he had a crack in him. A crack that ran straight through the middle of his heart.

Her name was Thalia. She had legs like two razor edged sabers. She liked wearing seamed stockings. But she could get careless. Lots of times the seams were crooked. Like life. The image he couldn’t get out of his brain were those legs walking away from him with the seams all zig zaggy. Like a badly drawn road headed off towards the horizon.

Hendrik had a feeling that at this very moment she was knocking back something dark and bourbony in a roadhouse as far from a church as possible. She was lighting up a cigarillo and flipping the match into a bowl of unsalted peanuts.

She was watching the wisp of smoke from the spent match and thinking. She was thinking she could probably hock that ring he had given her for plenty. And she was right. Her kind always are. Mistakes are only made by real chumps.

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