The Biggest Chump in the World: Subject # 3.

23 Nov

They were chumps. Two fools in love but too foolish to know it.

Helmut was very funny. Not good looking in the classic sense but goofily appropriate in an era where the stock market acted like a trampoline. He had a pretty swell job in a silly industry. And he had the good sense to not take it too seriously. After all it was a job, not his life.

Her name was Ilse. She was a spark plug. Hot-cha-cha. Striking good looks that seemed to have stepped out of a silent movie. She had the enthusiasm of a huckster with the brain of a physicist. And a hell of a sense of humor to boot.

Either one by themselves was the Catch of the Day. Together they were dynamite.

But right in the middle of having a great time together a niggling thought would worm its way into their inner souls. “Is there somebody out there who is prettier, smarter, more fun, more everything?”

This dark thought grew from a tiny seed into a huge choking vine that slowly encircled their love and crushed the life out of it.

But what did you expect? I told you they were chumps.


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