The Girl with Such a Pretty Face Has Thanksgiving at Grandma’s.

24 Nov

“Honey, turn around so Grandma and Grandpa can see your pretty face and how big you’ve gotten.”

“She’s just not herself, today. I think it might be that tuna salad snack we got at the truck stop.”

“Come here, Angel Fuzz. Tell Grammy what hurts.”

“Hey, Kiddo want your Grampy to show you a trick? See my thumb comes right off… Has she been regular? Sometimes, that will throw your whole constitution out of whack.”

“Feel her forehead. Nora, you used to get these low grade fevers all the time. You’d be in the worst mood but then all of sudden it would go away and you’d be fine.”

“Want to see Grampy take his teeth out and swallow his face?”

“Oh, Thomas, stop it. You’re worse than a child.”

“Dumpling, you just come to the table and have Grammy’s turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes. For dessert we’re
having home-made ice cream with real berries.”

“Why’d she run out of the room?”

“As soon as we get home she’ll be fine. Never fails.”


One Response to “The Girl with Such a Pretty Face Has Thanksgiving at Grandma’s.”

  1. Sioux November 24, 2011 at 7:47 PM #

    How familiar–another slice of life from your quicksilver mind. Hope all of Team Steinkellner had a great Thanksgiving. LOL. Sioux

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