The Not So Amazing, Mister Loach

25 Nov

This is Mr. Loach. He has no sense of humor to speak of. He is very good with numbers and will try to impress you with his skill at every opportunity.

He reads many magazines and newspapers. Most with few pictures in them. None with poetry.

He has numerous opinions and will share them with you freely.

If you happen to have two daughters don’t let his son marry either of them.


One Response to “The Not So Amazing, Mister Loach”

  1. Sioux November 25, 2011 at 4:01 PM #

    This is the type of person I always get stuck with at social occasions, in stalled
    elevators, on airplane trips……….yawn….oh, sorry. I just got sleepy remembering the last time this happened to me. LOL Sioux

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