How to Write the Big Hit Comedy of 2012 (Unless the World Ends First.)

1 Dec

Network story pitches for “Cecil Loves Sally And Likewise”

1) While planning a surprise b-day party for Cecil, Sally accidentally falls into a lesbian relationship with Cecil’s sister, Chloe.

2) An homage to the old Marx Brothers’ state room scene: Sally’s dressing room fills up with well-wishers when she gets laryngitis. Alas, Mrs. McLafferty, the old wardrobe mistress is crushed to death by the resulting crowd. Sally, in a tribute goes on any way, “signing” her entire performance.

3) An overly zealous fan yanks Cecil’s forelock so hard in pursuit of an authentic souvenir it gives Cecil a blood clot. All turns out well when Cecil finds out for the first time in the E.R. that he is diabetic. (In real life Cecil isn’t but Sally is.)

4) The Mob tries to take over Marty Gunther’s talent agency (And Marty’s star clients, Cecil and Sally) to launder casino money. They put a bomb in his car and accidentally kill Pops, the security guard. (Not Pops, Cecil’s real life Scottish terrier.)

5) Sally goes nuts over Scientology.

6) The only thing between Cecil and a nervous break-down is his weekly basketball game at the “Y”. So, guess what’s closing down?

7) Cecil’s old flame from high school meets him at the 20 year reunion. And now that gal is a guy! And not just any guy but the Pope!

8) Sally goes on a diet.

APPROVED– Number 8, only.


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