Looking Pleasant: A Guide to Modern Life

8 Dec


When the network exec is telling you to write something so stupid that all the reasons for the Viet Nam War seem reasonable by comparison.

When the kids ask you for the 45th time if they are “there yet” five minutes into a five hour round trip.

When the repair man shows up for the third time to fix the problem he couldn’t fix on his first trip.

When you take the car to Sears to get a new battery and the car dies in the wrong spot so that you have to wait for them to come jump it, again. This causes you to lose your place in line ( a line of people who if you were about to board a plane with, you would be totally convinced that the flight was going down.) Then for the first time in five years the car alarm goes off and you have forgotten how to shut it off. This takes another hour to fix. Total elapsed time for new battery: three and a half hours.

When it rains on the only day of the week you were supposed to play basketball outside. A light spitting rain with just enough wetness to make the court all slippery.

When you walk off a plane in Burbank into a day in the low 100’s and the valet can’t find your van anywhere.

When it’s two in the morning and the slumber party girls who have been in your house since noon still aren’t tired enough to go to sleep.

When it seems like every idea for a postcard story is trite, dumb or you’ve done it lots of times before…


2 Responses to “Looking Pleasant: A Guide to Modern Life”

  1. Grant Harvey December 30, 2012 at 11:18 AM #

    NONE OF THEM ARE DUMB BILL! Some might be trite, and sure you might have done some lots of times before, but never DUMB, Bill, never! Can’t you sense the sincerity in the words that I typed on this screen in this order? Believe me!

  2. Grant Harvey December 30, 2012 at 11:19 AM #

    But really you’re great don’t ever change.

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