How to Get a Sexy Job in 1970’s America.

9 Dec

“Okay, first off you got any known diseases? … Well, before you get your final confirmation as a Climax 2 Cutie we’ll send you over to Doc Prothero for a little look see. If you got a problem tell me now and save yourself from being blackballed forever in the massage parlor industry. JK! Boy, you shoulda seen your face!”

“For the purpose of this interview -slash -orientation session we’ll assume you’re as clean as a whistle. You know I never understood that. Are whistles really clean with all that saliva and gunk that gets blown through ’em?”

“Be that as it may… You’ve got a nice but not great face and a B minus bosom so I’m going to put you in the Sexy Girl category. This means you’ll do the massages in either a scanty harem girl outfit or the Russian Army girl uniform whichever isn’t being dry cleaned that day.”

“Now, your Nude Girls got it easier. They just lay there buck naked and groan every fifteen seconds. But it gets pretty chilly in here since the law makes us close the front curtain during school hours.”

“Nude Girls get a buck more an hour. Sexy Girls get better tips. Your choice. Either one is a good job.”


One Response to “How to Get a Sexy Job in 1970’s America.”

  1. Jonathan Stark December 9, 2011 at 12:57 PM #

    I don’t think ‘Climax 2’ was ever as good as the original ‘Climax’. They were just phoning it in, at that point.

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