The Monroe Who Isn’t Marilyn

13 Dec

“Good morning all and welcome to Make-up 101. I’m your teacher, Jeani or the Other Monroe as my boyfriend, Sasha likes to call me. He calls me other things, too but those are reserved for the boudoir which is the type of make-up we will be working on today.”

“Most civilians think that you should take off your make-up before hitting the sheets in the wonderful ways of love. But the truth is the exact opposite. You have to look your most beautiful, first or you risk being kicked out of there. Which is something my Sasha-kins is always kidding he’ll do.”

“Those of you who took Intro to a Woman’s Wiles with me last year will remember how we talked about the eyes and how to make them bigger and rounder. Today we are going to tackle the cochois probocis or how to hide a piggy nose.”

“So, let’s begin with lots of rouge to draw the eyes away from the problem area and make our cheekbones look as high as possible. And brush two, three, four…”


One Response to “The Monroe Who Isn’t Marilyn”

  1. cathy/ShowFoodChef December 13, 2011 at 5:56 PM #

    Always love your posts!

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