When All Knowledge is Received Through Your Senses

15 Dec

Arthur Cohen knew nothing about “Gypsy Passion”.

He was blissfully unaware of class warfare.

He felt no racial tension whatsoever. (No matter which way it might be tensing at the moment.)

As much as he might like to, he had no comment concerning the price of the euro or troubles on the Gaza Strip.

Arthur cared not a fig for how any of the Kardashian marriages turned out. He was not being blase’, just oblivious.

You could have saved all those billions the Republicans were saving willy nilly for the Top 1% in America.
For months all that brouhaha had gone over his head.

There was no need to unplug him. He was born unplugged.

All Arthur knew was that he was two. He was hot. And his grandmother wanted him to say “cheese”.


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