Nine Billion Reasons Why I Recommend Cruises.

20 Dec

“I always recommend cruises. It’s not the relaxation or drinking. Or the fabulous food they’ve got going morning, noon, night. Not to mention the midnight snack. Not the Festival of Desserts. Or even the unbelievable ice carving exhibition. It’s the interesting folks you meet on board.”

“Me, for instance. On my very first cruise I ran into a pair of sisters from Norfolk. We got to talking. You know, just shooting the breeze until the next buffet was laid out.”

“We started sharing stories of our childhood and what all. One odd detail led to the next and before you know it we were connecting the dots. They pull out half an amulet. From a chain around my neck I pull out the matching half. They inform me that I am the long lost heir to a Duchy and worth nine billion dollars.”

“Since then I always recommend cruises.”


2 Responses to “Nine Billion Reasons Why I Recommend Cruises.”

  1. roblewine December 21, 2011 at 6:51 PM #

    Can’t keep it in any longer: I was one of the “sisters” from Norfolk. (Can’t believe you didn’t recognize me!) The $9 billion is bullshit. It’s only $2 billion.

  2. SiouxP December 27, 2011 at 3:17 PM #

    Where did you get this image? The faces of these people are so carefree–like the future holds only good things. I wish I could join them on their voyage. LOL Sioux. :).

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