A Chicago Cat

21 Dec

He was a Chicago cat. He liked gangways better than alleys. Though, he was willing to scamper through an alley if there was any action to be had or he could catch a cool breeze on a brutal summer night.

He liked pizza better than a saucer of milk. Especially if the pie was loaded with Italian sausage. Oh yeah.

He liked to watch the old ladies in babushkas as they came out of eight o’clock Mass slipping and sliding on the icy sidewalk throwing their arms this way and that to keep from falling on their keisters.

He liked to watch the el train roll by with a roar like a bat out of hell. To see the flashes of people falling asleep in their seats or hanging from straps. It was like flipping through the old family photo album and trying to figure out which one was the black sheep.

He liked the trees all stripped of leaves from the time school started until it almost let out again in the late
spring. He liked spring days when all the cruddy patches of snow went bye-bye. Leaves jumped back onto the trees like families of green mice and the air smelled succulent and sweet.

He liked balancing on a backyard fence with wet laundry snapping on the line and kids running underneath yelling one damn thing or another at each other.

He liked an exhausted fireman, coming back from battling a mysterious small store fire, bending down to give him a long scritch behind the ear.

But then he would. After all he was a Chicago cat.


2 Responses to “A Chicago Cat”

  1. SiouxP December 22, 2011 at 8:38 PM #

    Really noted this. John & I miss Qanetti, Zelda and Jack so much. love the image and the post. LOL, Sioux šŸ™‚

  2. SiouxP December 25, 2011 at 1:38 PM #

    Really liked this. Reminded me of Cametti, Zelda, Jenny, Jack et sl. I really midd having
    Cats. LOL, Sioux šŸ™‚

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